27th Annual
N.Y.S. Highway & Public Works 2021 Expo

Produced by Profile Publications


Wednesday October 13, 2021

MANAGEMENT - The NYS Highway & Public Works Expo is produced and managed by Profile Publications, 361 Shoemaker Rd, Mohawk, NY 13407. Any reference to management herein refers to same.

LIABILITY LIMITATIONS - The undersigned exhibiting company and its assigns shall make no claims for any reason whatsoever against Expo management, the Empire Expo Center, the New York State Industrial Exhibit Authority or any representatives thereof for any reason.

EXHIBITOR RESPONSIBILITIES - Exhibiting company acknowledges full understanding of and agrees to full compliance with all terms, conditions, rules and responsibilities set forth page document, which includes this contract, known as the 2021 Exhibitor Registration Pack.

INSURANCE - Exhibitor agrees to carry insurance covering itself from any and all damages, real or personal, throughout the entire three day event, which includes set-up, Expo, and tear- down days. Exhibitor agrees to purchase a general liability policy with a face value of no less than $1,000,000.00, naming Profile Publications as additionally insured for the duration of the three days mentioned above. A copy of such policy shall be sent to Profile Publications on or before the day final payment for exhibit space is made. Management is in no way responsible for exhibitor's employees or property. Management will carry a general liability policy to cover exhibit visitors, exhibitors, and their agents. Exhibitor agrees to hold management harmless for any loss, cost, damage or expense resulting from any and all suit brought against exhibitor for any reason.

SAFETY - Exhibitor agrees to comply with all local, state and federal safety codes and regulations. Exhibitor shall be responsible for prudent adherence to all safety practices before, during and after the Expo.

PAYMENT - Exhibitor agrees to send 50% deposit due with this contract and to pay the balance due for the exhibit space no later than 9/13/2021 (minimum $1100 order otherwise Exhibitor must pay full amount). No exhibitor will be allowed to set up display unless payment in full has been received by Profile Publications per the terms set forth herein. Any exhibitor failing to cancel space reservation, and failing to occupy reserved space shall be responsible for full payment owed under this contract. Unoccupied space at the end of the set-up day shall be usable by management in any way it chooses, with no obligation to exhibitor whatsoever.

SECURITY - Exhibitor agrees to fully cooperate with security personnel as needed. Management will make every effort to protect property throughout the event, but is not responsible for any damages resulting from security failures. Round the clock surveillance of the facility will be provided by management and the Empire Expo Center.

DESIGN STANDARDS - All booths come equipped with back and side drapes which must be kept in place throughout the event. The "City Street" floor plan cannot be obstructed by any portion of a display protruding beyond its predetermined boundaries. Management reserves the right to modify or remove any displays not fully complying with these design standards.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE - The only food and beverage to be served in the building must be purchased from the restaurant located in the Exposition Center Building. Exhibitors wishing to purchase food/meals should contact management 30 days prior to the Expo for details on who to contact.

COURTESY & CONTESTS - Legal contests, raffles or drawings may only be announced by the exhibitor conducting such contest, raffle or drawing. All exhibitors shall fully cooperate with one another in the interest of the overall appearance and presentation of the Expo. No exhibitor shall position any display matter (tangible, audio or video) in such a manner that it adversely affects a neighboring display.

GENERAL - Any matters not covered in the Exhibitors Pack shall be subject to the scrutiny and final decision of the management.

ALL STEEL GROUSER TRACKED equipment must be planked in and out to avoid any damage to the concrete floor. Ignition keys should be removed from machines, batteries disconnected, fuel caps secured in place, and hydraulic cylinders properly braced if they are extended. All spaces are assigned on a "first come, best served basis." Please be sure to register early for best selection and to ensure availability of space.

SHOW MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT to alter display setups to ensure the overall effective and fair use of space in the best interest of all exhibitors concerned.

Note the "SETUP - SHOW TIMES & TEAR DOWN" section in this pack. All tear down must be complete, and the building vacated by 8 p.m. on Wednesday October 13, 2021 at the latest.

ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS LIST OF EXHIBITOR RESPONSIBILITIES must be thoroughly understood by the party signing the Space Reservation Contract. Full compliance with all exhibitor responsibilities will be strictly enforced to ensure a smooth expo.

CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING no later than July 31st, 2021. Written cancellations received by that date will be entitled to a refund of monies paid, less a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations made after July 28th, 2021 will not be entitled to any refund. PROFILE PUBLICATIONS RESERVES THE RIGHT to use the names and or photographs of all exhibitors submitting a space reservation contract in promotional and editorial coverage of the Expo.

FORKLIFT SERVICE, electrical service, pressure washing equipment, food and beverage and other services provided for the smooth operation of the expo are subcontracted. PROFILE PUBLICATIONS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the potential nonperformance of subcontracted employees or vendors.

ALL ARRANGEMENTS FOR SHIPMENTS of exhibitor materials to and from the expo are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor as are any receiving and storage costs at the Center of Progress Building. Arrangements can be made by calling the Empire Expo Center at 315/487-7711.

ARRANGEMENTS FOR SPECIAL DECORATING NEEDS such as carpeting, lights, additional tables, etc. can be made by calling the contracted decorator : Northeast Decorating at 315-471-9989. Payment for additional decorating items requested by exhibitors will be made directly to the decorating firm by the exhibitor.

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