Telescoping Mold Mount Provides More Visibility on Gomaco GT-3600

The Gomaco GT-3600 will be featured at World of Concrete in Orlando, FL, Feb. 20 to 24. The GT-3600 was one of the first three-track machines to boast of the ability to pour a 610-millimeter (24 in.) radius. The user-friendly Gomaco Network Controller made this possible.

The GT-3600 features a new telescoping mold mount that provides additional strength and visibility. A single-tube, telescoping beam now provides the support for the mold hold-down and the drawbar assemblies.

The new beam eliminates the two-tube device and allows the operator’s platform to telescope with the mount. This lets the operator walk further out over the mold and enhances visibility of the slipforming process.

The GT-3600 is now designed to accommodate the Gomaco Commander III conveyor system. The redesigned conveyor on the GT-3600 is 610-millimeter (24 in.) wide and the receiving hopper is larger for accepting concrete from ready-mix trucks. It also provides faster and more efficient handling of the material to the slipform mold. The conveyor has always featured the pivoting, four-way positioning with slide and tilt.

Slide adjustment distance on the GT-3600 has been doubled. The slide adjustment, with the motor and screw operation, has been increased from 457 to 914 millimeters (18 to 36 in.).

Gomaco also will feature the new generation three- and four-track Commander III, the new generation C-450 bridge deck finisher and the GT-3200 in Booth 3801.

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