Snow Wolf Ultra Series Makes Short Work of Deep Snowv

The Snow Wolf is a snow plow made specifically for skid steer loaders.

Because a skid steer has the strength to move more snow, and move it faster than a pickup, it must be matched with a plow tough enough to handle the added capacity. The Snow Wolf has blade features and frame construction to maximize the greater snow-pushing strength of a skid steer.

The Snow Wolf blade meets the surface at a 45-degree angle so it scoops snow rather than pushes it, and sends the snow rolling up the blade. Because Snow Wolf has also increased the blade’s angle of deflection, the snow continues to roll, moving off the blade faster and keeping the skid steer in better control.

Another feature of the Snow Wolf skid steer snow plow is a spring loaded trip cutting edge. The blade itself is rigid, only the bottom 15 centimeters (6 in.) trips forward if an obstacle is hit on the pavement. Since only the bottom edge trips, the operator isn’t thrown forward and the weight of heavy, wet snow pushing against the blade won’t cause false tripping. The trip mechanism only on the cutting edge permits a heavier, dual pivot, A-frame construction.

The dual-pivot construction allows the Snow Wolf blade to oscillate, following the contours of uneven ground without scraping. The ability to apply full down pressure — to lift the front wheels of the skid steer and use the machine’s full weight on the blade allow clean clearing to the pavement. For sensitive areas, such as paving stones, a soft touch cutting edge can be used so no steel ever contacts the surface.

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