G.S. Equipment Earns Honors, Brings Home Kawasaki’s Samurai Award

When Tampa, FL’s G. S. Equipment won the Samurai Award from Kawasaki in 1999 for being the country’s top dealer, it wasn’t the first time the company’s record was recognized.

“We’ve been a Kawasaki dealer for 20 years,” said Ray Ferwerdo Jr., president of G.S., “and we’ve been among the top 10 dealers every year — for 20 consecutive years.”

And the award was not the only recent milestone for the company.

“This year is our 40th anniversary, too,” Ferwerdo said.

G.S. is a family-owned business, and Ferwerdo’s father Ray Ferwerdo Sr. is chairman of the board and founder of the company.

The company sells Kawasaki wheel loaders in volume to road builders, site preparation companies, the aggregate industry, the phosphate industry and recyclers, Ferwerdo said.

The company has branches in Orlando, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, he said, “and business is good.”

“We were just awarded the North Florida territory in January,” he said.

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