Liebherr LR 632 Takes on Tough Terrain and Wins

Following the launch of the LR 622 crawler-tracked loader, Liebherr has announced the new LR 632 Litronic.

The new LR 632 combines the hydrostatic travel gear with the intelligent Litronic control system. This ensures that engine output is converted into maximum work whatever the situation, but without overloading driveline components. Since maximum travel speed and directional stability also are monitored and the machine’s center of gravity is very low because of the compact construction of the hydrostatic drive components, the LR 632 is ideal for work under extreme conditions. It also has tremendous climbing ability.

The running-gear assemblies are resiliently mounted and attached to the supporting frame by means of a pivot shaft and swing beam. This permits a slight rocking action of the running-gear frames, which has a positive effect on the smooth running and increases effective thrust. Rough terrain is compensated for, and the resilient mounting greatly reduces shock loading.

The new turbocharged Liebherr diesel engine in the LR 632 Litronic develops 132 kilowatts (178 hp) and has low fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels.

In the cab, all the control elements are of functional design and arranged according to ergonomic principles. The interior layout and windows provide an optimum view of the working attachments. All travel and steering movements are controlled by a single lever.

The ease with which the LR 632 Litronic can be serviced contributes significantly to its low operating costs. All elements requiring maintenance are grouped together and easily accessible. Many of the components, such as the running gear assemblies and the shovel pivot pins, are maintenance-free.

The LR 632 Litronic is well equipped for the ever-increasing demands made on modern construction machinery.

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