New Finn B-300 Blows Straw Away

The B-300 large bale straw blower is the newest addition to the Finn family of landscape and erosion-control equipment.

From the double chain, variable speed power feed capable of holding two 8-ft. (2.4 m) bales to the electronically-controlled Tier II compliant engine, the B-300 embodies the characteristics landscapers, contractors and municipalities need for satisfactory big straw and hay bale productivity levels on large-scale projects.

Weighing in at 12,900-lbs. (5,851 kgs), the B-300 delivers consistent, robust power by hydraulically driving the floor, pre-processor and even the main blower itself.

The 170-hp (127 kW) John Deere turbo-charged diesel engine, coupled with a system of hydraulic transmission and a programmable engine control unit (ECU), delivers reliable torque, flow, pressure and performance.

All controls for operating the B-300 are accessible from the operator’s seat. Dual-control boxes separate the ECU programming functions from the operating functions. The discharge tube station, which is based on the B-260 design, provides airflow and discharge distances compatible with high productivity.

Capable of processing large bales up to 30 tons (27 t) an hour, the B-300 can blow straw and hay mulch up to 110 ft. (33.5 m). The ball bearing mounted discharge spout offers 355 degrees of horizontal rotation and 60 degrees of vertical travel with a gas spring counter balance.

The B-300 pre-processor features dual variable speed, hydraulically-driven drums equipped with removable serrated knives and teeth. The unit also boasts three flights of beater chains for consistent mulch separation.

The machine’s dynamically balanced, 40-in. (102 cm) industrial material handling fan is hydraulically driven by a hydrostatic variable displacement piston pump on the rear of the engine.

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