July 2004

Whether he was marching in a parade or just simply shaking hands with the electorate, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch was known for asking people the question, “How am I doing?” Not a bad way to conduct a flash poll, but it takes some fairly thick skin to deal with some of the more colorful answers he likely heard from his fellow New Yorkers.

Well, we’d like to hear from you about how we’re doing, too. If there’s an article you especially liked (or did not like), or if there’s an issue about which you think we should do a story, or if there’s an issue that you’d like write about and share with your colleagues, drop us a line. You can send your letters to the address on the left side of this page or you can e-mail them to me at cmongeau@cegltd.com. Please remember that this is your publication, your forum, and your comments, thoughts and opinions are always greatly appreciated. In fact, with your permission, we’ll publish your letters or e-mails in upcoming issues of Superintendent’s Profile.

There is, however, one thing I’ve repeatedly heard (and noticed) from you …your humility when being interviewed for a profile, especially when it comes to ensuring that your crew gets recognition for their hard work, too. The best way to do this, in addition to mentioning them during your interview or when you fill out your questionnaire, is to take a picture of everybody together ahead of time (if the crew doesn’t number more than what’s reasonable to squeeze into a photo).

We’d also like to publish photos of highway and public works department crews across New York State in upcoming issues, whether or not it’s your department being profiled in that particular issue. When you have a moment, take time to get everyone together and snap a photo and send it in to us by mail or e-mail and we’ll put it in the Profile. It’s a great way for you to recognize your crew. Just remember to identify everybody in the photo, along with their titles.

Now on to this month’s profile on Ron Maggs, highway superintendent of the Town of Eden, which is a beautiful little town located about 10 minutes from Lake Erie and approximately 50 minutes to the south of Niagara Falls.

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