First Annual Antique Equipment Drive-In Off to Strong Start for Expo

Bedrock, Buckets & Booms, the upstate New York Chapter of the Historical Construction Equipment Association, will be participating in the inaugural Antique Equipment Drive-In at this year's N.Y.S. Highway & Public Works Expo in Syracuse on Oct. 17.

Steve Carmon, president of the chapter, has committed to bring three models of antique equipment to the show; they are:

• a 1 or 2-ton Buffalo Springfield roller (late 1940s or early 1950s) and owned by the Carmon family of Endicott, N.Y.;

• a 1940 Bucyrus Erie 10B cable-operated front shovel, which scoops away from you as opposed to toward you; and

• a 1936 Bay City 20, a machine that the New York State Department of Public Works once used that's even painted in yellow and blue and still has the original NYS DPW sticker (and it's readable.)

What's more, these won't be just static displays … they're actually operational and you'll be able to see them fired up and running.

Remember, the Antique Equipment Drive-In is open to anyone who wants to participate; that means you can bring your own department's antique equipment and show it off to your colleagues at the Expo. It could be a restored Walter truck or an old Oshkosh truck or an antique tractor loader backhoe. It can even be a vintage backhoe or a restored town or village vehicle like a vintage fire truck, police cruiser and more.

If you are interested in bringing antique equipment to the show, please call our Expo Show Manager Bob Buckley at 518/863-4100 or e-mail him at

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