National Kids Construction Club Displays at PhilCONX

The National Kids Construction Club (NKCC) is making its first official appearance at PhilCONX 2000 with a colorful yellow and black booth and lots of activities for young and old.

The NKCC is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to growing the interest of children and parents in the construction industry by creating special learning programs that can be used by schools and businesses. Exhibiting at booth 151, the NKCC representatives will be on hand to explain how businesses can help promote an awareness of the construction industry’s incredible history and the exciting future in building and building technology. Business owners can become leadership members, which will enable them to design, organize and implement hands-on clubs and events for children and their families. In a fun and informal format, children can learn practical, lifelong building interests.

“It was my son Alex who had the idea for starting a neighborhood club,” said Nancie Balun, founder and president of NKCC. “From there I thought the club was needed on a national basis, since statistical reports from trade publications proved that indeed our nation is in a labor shortage crisis. Writer Ray Carrara, a vocational education teacher in Ohio provided more insight into the problems the industry faces through his frequent articles in trade publications. Particularly disheartening were the stories that described the low self-image of many students and would-be students entering the construction industries.”

“The response to the club has been overwhelmingly positive,” Balun said. “We are especially grateful to Construction Equipment Guide, JCB and Norwest Mortgage for their generous support and to local New Jersey builders including Ken Segal, since the club is dependent on funds solicited from companies.”

Alex, this year’s honorary club president, will be at the show on Thursday, March 23. He will be giving out posters and stickers, signing autographs and taking pictures with visitors. On both exhibit days, prizes will be raffled, games can be played and posters, stickers and membership information will be available.

For more information, visit booth 151 at PhilCONX or visit

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