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Highway Superintendent Doug Eddy and the Town of Brunswick

Doug Eddy grew up on his family’s farm in Johnsonville, in the town of Pittstown.

“We were a typical family,” said Doug. “We raised everything from beef cows to chickens, sheep, pigs, even hamsters. I can remember my mother butchering the chickens and then we’d have to pluck the feathers and she’d hang them on the clothesline. Click for more

Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Brian Beasley and the City of Elmira

When the sky darkened beyond belief and the windows started shaking the third floor of City Hall on July 26, 2012, Brian Beasley, superintendent of buildings and grounds of the city of Elmira, was probably the only person in the meeting who knew it was a tornado. Click for more

Superintendent of Highways Shawn Hayes and the Town of Schaghticoke

When it comes to the town of Schaghticoke’s highway superintendent you might say it’s a case of all in the family. Current superintendent Shawn Hayes has been at the helm for seven years. He took over for his uncle, Willy Hayes, when he retired in 2007 after serving in the top spot for 29 years. Click for more

Superintendent of Highways Alan R. Dennis and the Town of Oakfield

Genesee County’s town of Oakfield may be modest in size (almost 24 square miles) and relatively tiny in population (just over 3,000 residents), but there isn’t anything small town about Oakfield's ambitions. Just ask Alan Dennis, the nearly lifelong resident and highway superintendent, who is actively helping to engineer municipal water for the entire town. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Frank Hyatt and the Town of Fenner

Locally, the town of Fenner is well known for two things: a tremendous amount of snowfall --often approaching in excess of 200 inches a year, the second highest snowfall totals for a township in New York State —and wind farms. The town hosts one of the first wind farms in New York State, with approximately 20 windmills, which can be seen from almost any spot in the township. Click for more

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