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Highway Superintendent Frank Hyatt and the Town of Fenner

Locally, the town of Fenner is well known for two things: a tremendous amount of snowfall --often approaching in excess of 200 inches a year, the second highest snowfall totals for a township in New York State —and wind farms. The town hosts one of the first wind farms in New York State, with approximately 20 windmills, which can be seen from almost any spot in the township. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Toby Chadwick and the Town of Poestenkill

For town of Poestenkill Highway Superintendent Toby Chadwick, it’s all in a day’s work. On the day we met, he and his crew had just finished cleaning up after the latest of many snowstorms this winter. He was still wearing his fluorescent yellow shirt that keeps him visible in a snowstorm. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Herb Hasbrouck and the Town of Grafton

Herb Hasbrouck is a man comfortable in his own skin. He handles himself with confidence and ease as he tells of his journey to this job and his plans to leave things better than he found them.

Born and bred in this history-laden town he calls the “Adirondacks,” Herb attended Berlin Central High School. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Bill Weller and the Town of Florida

Bill Weller has served the town of Florida as its highway superintendent for 24 years. He was elected in his first run for the position in 1990 and has held the office ever since.

Prior to becoming highway superintendent, Bill worked for a time at General Electric; he also worked as a construction laborer and as a truck operator. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Dan Amatura and the Town of Lancaster

It’s not every town that has a highway department sign out front with the deputy’s name on it, but Dan Amatura, superintendent of the town of Lancaster for the past few years wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s why: Meet Lou Cacciotti, deputy superintendent, and a seasoned veteran with 50 years in the department who has worked with six to eight different superintendents. Click for more

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