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Superintendent of Highways Terry Featherly and the Town of Phelps

Phelps for many years was one of the largest producers of sauerkraut in the world, so it comes as no surprise that highway superintendent Terry Featherly, as an enterprising kid, hand-planted baby cabbages from the back of a machine that positioned him near the ground. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Fred McCagg and the Town of Nassau

Fred McCagg is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades. When he’s not doing his job as highway superintendent for the town of Nassau, Fred runs Dynamic Sports Adventures, is a New York State Outdoor Licensed Guide, the Youth Committee chairman for the town, head of a nature club for elementary school kids, conducts an annual wilderness program and is in charge of the town’s trail system. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Brian Bernard and the Town of East Bloomfield

When the small, hand-lettered signs first appeared in front of each gravel pile in the pit, there might have been a mild sense of fun in the highway barn in the town of East Bloomfield.

“I knew highway work, but running a gravel pit was entirely new to me,” said Brian Bernard, highway superintendent for the town, the man who made the sign while he was learning about the pit. Click for more

Highway Superintendent Frederick J. Piasecki Jr. and the Town of Orchard Park

There is a “buzz” these days in Orchard Park, and it’s not from the wood chippers and leaf vacuums that treat the streets with tender loving care. Fred Piasecki, highway superintendent, has about as many chores dedicated to grooming town streets and trees as he does to snow and wind. Click for more

Superintendent of Highways John Richard and the Town of Herkimer

When you first meet him, you might think that John Richard, highway superintendent, town of Herkimer, is a kind of gruff Santa Claus, complete with a distinctive, gravely voice.

John is forthright in his pride in maintaining the town’s 23 miles of roads and an additional 24 miles of plowing for the county. Click for more

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