Stone Adds Two Heavy-Weight Reversible Plates to Line

Stone Construction Equipment Inc. has added two heavy-weight reversible plate models to its line of reversible plate compactors. All models are designed for compaction in any direction. The two new models, the RP1570R and RP2250, are designed for maximum productivity and feature fully hydrostatic drive and eccentric control.

Both machines feature an 11.2-kilowatt (15 hp) Farymann diesel engine and a swing-away composite cover that protects the engine and other components. The RP1570 at 739 kilograms (1,631 lbs.) is controlled by a solar powered infra-red remote control with an 18.3-meter (60 ft.) range or tether with a 4.6-meter (15 ft.) operating range. The RP1570R delivers a force of 7,138 kilograms (15,737 lbs.).

The RP2250 features a patented triple shaft exciter which generates high amplitudes with less lateral movement of the plate for greater center of gravity and maximum compaction. It is capable of compacting lifts of up to 91 centimeters (36 in.) in trenches, along foundations, and most other surface compaction jobs, and delivers 10,198 kilograms (22,482 lbs.) of centrifugal force. Operator controls are centrally located on the adjustable, flip-up lock-in-place handle. The two models are part of seven models of reversible plates in the Stone reversible plate line with impact forces from 2,359 to 10,206 kilograms (5,200 to 22,500 lbs.).

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