Bid-Well CP-240 Offers Quieter Operation

Bid-Well has introduced the Bid-Well CP-240 concrete placer side discharge conveyor that is ideal for placing concrete at various depths ahead of a paver.

The CP-240 has a standard hydraulic tilt-up feeder end that is ground-supported by two 20.5 by 8 by 10 pneumatic tires. It has a maximum spreading width of 18 meters (60 ft.) with a main conveyor belt that is 61 centimeters (24 in.) wide. The belt travels on precision troughing idler rollers at 213 meters per minute (700 fpm). The diverter discharges from either side for maximum flexibility.

The Bid-Well CP-240 is powered by an 60-kilowatt (80 hp) John Deere diesel engine. Optional horsepower up to 75 kilowatts (100 hp) is available. The dual stage main hydraulic pump has a 189-liters-per-minute (50 gpm) output at 2,500 rpm. It powers forward and reverse movement, and the belt drive.

The CP-240 has an easy-to-operate control console that is elevated at the opposite end of the engine for better visibility, quieter operation and total operator control. The placer can be moved to the job and around the job site without being towed or trailered because the operator end of the machine is steerable with automotive-type steering and has a 180-degree pivotal wheel for additional span and tire positioning. On the job operation is with four-wheel-drive skid steering on 10 by 16.5 by 8 ply pneumatic tires.

The CP-240 has 61-centimeter (24 in.) deep all-welded structural angle iron truss frame design. The frame sections bolted connections for easy assembly and come in 5.4-, 4.5-, 3.6-, 1.8- and .9-meter (18, 15,12, 6 and 3 ft.) sections.

The optional feeder conveyor has a 61-centimeter (24 in.) wide belt that is operated independently from the main conveyor for forward and reverse movement. The controlled 174-meters-per-minute (570 fpm) belt speed is powered by one stage of the triple-stage 246-liters- per-minute (65 gpm) pump at 2,500 rpm.

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