Takeuchi’s TB025 Steps Down, TB125 Takes Charge

Takeuchi has announced the introduction of a new 2.3-metric-ton (2.5 ton) model, designated the TB125, which replaces the company’s prior model TB025.

The TB125 incorporates a variety of new safety and performance enhancing features. Safety features include standard travel alarm, TOPS/FOPS canopy or cab, retractable seat belt and control tower lockout system of the excavator’s operating controls and travel levers. Electrohydraulic control buttons for the auxiliary hydraulic circuit, horn and engine decelerator buttons are all conveniently located on the joystick controls for improved operator comfort and control.

The TB125 also features a tilt-up operator’s platform for quick service access and an engine shutdown/return to idle system, which helps guard against abnormal engine temperature or oil pressure conditions. An ISO-SAE control pattern selector valve enables operators to quickly choose their preferred operating control pattern.

The TB125’s fuel system automatically bleeds air from a fuel-depleted system and its cast iron, wrap-around counterweight protects the engine compartment from damage when working in confined areas. Also standard on the TB125, are fully plumbed one and two-way auxiliary hydraulics and a two speed travel system with a maximum ground speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour (3 mph).

The TB125 is available with either steel or rubber tracks and a TOPS/FOPS four-post canopy. Equipped with canopy and rubber tracks the TB125 weighs 2,790 kilograms (6,151 lb.), has a maximum dig depth of 3 meters (9 ft. 6 in.) and a bucket breakout force of 2,880 kilograms per foot (6,350 lb.ft.). An EPA emission compliant, low noise 16.8-kilowatt (22.5 hp) Yanmar engine powers the TB125’s horsepower efficient variable displacement piston pumps, which automatically adjust digging power and speed to match operating conditions.

For more information, call 770/831-0661 or visit www. takeuchi-us.com.

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