Schaeff Beefs Up Excavator Line

The HR 18 mini-excavator from Schaeff is the largest in a line of four models ranging from 1,588- to 4,672-kilogram (3,500 to 10,300 lb.) operating weights and is now available in the United States.

General specifications include a Mitsubishi 35-kilowatt (47 hp) engine, operating weight of 4,672-kilogram (10,300 lbs.), bucket capacity .046 to .2 cubic meters (.06 to .26 cu. yd.), breakout force rated DIN at 3,125 kilograms (6,890 lbs.), digging depth of 3.7 meters (12 ft. 3 in.) and a maximum reach of 6 meters (19 ft. 8 in.).

Hydraulic power features add to the productivity of this excavator. For instance, the system is run on dual variable displacement piston pumps, one for working functions and travel, one for the boom operation, and a gear pump for swinging and blade attachment operation, and another gear pump for pilot pressure. The result of this is uncompromised power when operating three functions simultaneously.

The cab is roomy with hydraulically adjusted seat and height adjusted armrests. A footrest and tilting and adjusting control stand add to any sized operator’s comfort. There also are two full-size, lockable doors which allow access from either side, as well as ventilation. The windows are made of extra-tough safety glass with green tint and the front window can be stowed overhead for outside air circulation.

Schaeff’s excavators all have lateral adjustment of boom; however the placement of the boom off center allows the operator a better working view. The left movement is 42 centimeters (16.5 in.) and the right is 57 centimeters (22.5 in.). One of the other features common to Schaeff minis is the placement of the hydraulic cylinders and lines on top of the boom, rather than on the underside. This can prevent downtime due to a tool puncturing a line by curling the boom too tightly. An auxiliary hydraulic connection also is installed on the boom for running tools requiring extra power, like a hammer or clamshell bucket.

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