Tramac’s V1600 Fills Niche in Line of Hydraulic Breakers

Tramac recently announced the introduction of the V1600 hydraulic breaker, a heavyweight, variable impact hammer that can be mounted on excavators weighing between 19.8 and 40.5 metric tons (22 and 45 tons). This addition to Tramac’s line of hydraulic breakers fills an important niche in the range of sizes being offered by the company. The V1600’s size and strength combines with Tramac’s patented variable-impact V-technology, making it suitable for jobs that demand a great deal of power. It is designed for general excavation, rock breaking and heavy concrete demolition.

The attachment’s dual-speed V-technology responds to the hardness of material and adjusts breaker speed and blow energy automatically, which optimizes production, especially in mixed conditions. Additionally, V-technology reduces maintenance and improves working life, since only the energy needed for breaking the material is transmitted, protecting the hammer from unnecessary stresses. The V1600’s reliability and durability are also enhanced by Tramac’s fully hydraulic principle of operation, in which the piston is both raised and driven hydraulically, with no gas activation or assistance.

The V1600’s design incorporates several other Tramac innovations. The patented TPS Tool Protection System addresses a perennial problem for companies who use large hammers: tool breakage. TPS prolongs tool life with a completely re-engineered front guide, bushings, tool and retainer pins which allow only the strongest points of the tool to take the stresses. In addition, new, oversize bushings are made of a specially-formulated hard bronze that has a low coefficient of friction with steel, thereby reducing friction and wear and the breakage they cause. The attachment also has a sealed accumulator which is guaranteed to hold its charge for a full year without leaking; a blank firing protection system; shock absorption that protects the boom and the excavator; and Tramac’s standard HammerLube automatic lubrication system. The breaker’s slim, tapered profile makes it well suited to trenches and other confined spaces. A Metrosilenced low noise option is available for work in environmentally sensitive sites.

The V1600 is competitively priced for its weight and size. Tramac anticipates that it will fulfill a substantial demand for a larger, economical, yet efficient and adaptable hydraulic breaker.

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