Indeco’s Redesign Extends Breaker Life Expectancy

Indeco of Stratford, CT, has announced the inclusion of a new quick-change, field-replaceable lower tool bushing for their 4,536-kilogram (10,000 lb.) class, MES 7000HD hydraulic breaker.

Indeco has developed two new concepts that extend the life of the tool. First, the company has redesigned the lower tool bushing assembly so that the bushing may quickly be replaced in the field, literally in minutes, without dismantling the breaker. Secondly, Indeco offers a choice of steel or optional composite bushings; the material, in part, to be determined by the type of work to be engaged.

These changes improve the life cycle of the breaking tool and drastically reduce the cost of replacement bushings. The newly designed Indeco tool bushing saves the user time and money when it comes to installation. Quick replacement of the bushing means reduced parts and labor costs and increased uptime on the job.

The simple design of the MES 7000HD will enable both dealers and end-users to reduce spare parts requirements and maintenance costs while substantially increasing breaker performance and uptime in the field.

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