MetroTurf Graders Level Playing Field

MetroTurf Inc. has announced two additions to its ComboPlane family of quality grading attachments: the series 400 and series 500.

Designed for use with skid steers, the series 400 and 500 ComboPlanes combine enhanced design features, high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to provide increased grading performance on all types of terrain and soil conditions.

All models allow forward/reverse shuttle grading to bring rough job sites down to final grades quickly and easily. Both series offer a choice of non-scarifier and scarifier models. Easy to use by grading novices and professionals alike, the new ComboPlanes are compact and easy to transport.

Orrie Mork, president of MetroTruf, said the series 400 and 500 eliminate the need for a conventional grading tractor.

“They’re built to take the heavy loads of high-horsepower, large-lift capacity skid steer tractors,” he said.

Series 400

This economy-priced series, comprising three models, is ideal for the novice operator. The surface grading plane features front, center and rear flat wear plates with cutting edges. Users can specify a non-scarifier model.

For penetrating hard soils, MetroTurf offers a model featuring wide-spaced scarifier teeth with replaceable tooth points. For working medium-compacted soils to achieve a finer surface, a model is available with close-spaced scarifier teeth with replaceable shovels. Both designs allow rearward scarifying and instant forward grading — without requiring the operator to raise the scarifiers.

Series 500

This advanced grading tool is the perfect solution when high-production, high-precision grading is called for. The two models in the series feature a scraper with an edge under the tractor hitch and triple planing beams with flat wear plates. A non-scarifier model is available. Scarifier models feature hydraulically raised and lowered, variable depth, wide-spaced teeth. Scarifiers are centrally located within the plane for excellent plane balance and maximum penetration in hard soils.

All models in the series 400 and 500 are industrial quality featuring integrally formed, robotic-welded main frames and hitches. Abrasion-resistant steel is used in the soil contact areas.

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