Skid Steers Stretch Higher With Sheyenne Tele-Boom

Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing has announced the new Sheyenne Teleboom lift-arm accessory for skid steer loaders. This accessory makes lifting and elevating a simple task for skid steer loader operators.

In the construction business time is the builder’s greatest enemy. The Tele-Boom can minimize work for the building crew, improve efficiency and speed up construction. The boom mounts quickly on most skid steer loaders and, using only one hydraulic, extends from 2.6 to 9 meters (8 ft. 6 in. to 30 ft.) in combination with the vertical lift of the machine.

Lifting capacity depends on the size of the loader and the angle of the lift. This new lift arm is versatile and highly maneuverable. An experienced skid steer driver can move the Sheyenne Tele-Boom in and out of tight quarters, under low doorways and into tight spots.

The Sheyenne Tele-Boom is the perfect add-tool and requires only a small investment to make an existing skid steer loader even more versatile. It is especially well suited for roofing and shingling, truss installation, sign installation, lighting erection and pole placement. The list goes on and on for agricultural and construction uses.

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