21C: Lowe-Down on Trenching

The Lowe model 21C trenching attachment is designed to add capability to larger skid steer loaders.

The trencher is designed to operate with hydraulic flows between 49 and 95 liters per minute (13 and 25 gpm). New features include a boom design with grease cylinder tensioning system and end boom roller.

The model 21C is available in .61- to 1.5-meter (2 to 5 ft.) digging depths, and 15- to 30-centimeter (6 to 12 in.) trench widths. Included are 22,680-kilograms (50,000 lb.) anti-back flex digging chain, removable spoil auger, greaseable tapered roller bearings in the nose, quick and easy mounting, side shift capability, only two hydraulic hose connections to the loader, and a 3,000 psi continuous operating pressure capability.

Lowe has designed this trencher to be more powerful, stronger and durable. As the performance capability of skid loaders increases, Lowe is building attachments to maximize their usefulness and help the equipment owner obtain better performance from his overall investment

For more information, call 888/DIG-LOWE or visit www.loweman.com.

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