Sweepster Unit Gives Debris the Brush-Off

Sweepster’s quick attach LH Series sweeper is designed for efficient, heavy-duty sweeping with skid steers, tractors and backhoes.

The LH Series rotary broom:

• Quickly attaches and adjusts.

• Angles 30 degrees left and right.

• Is available in 1.5- to 2.4-meter (5 to 8 ft.) widths.

• Offers choice of poly, wire, poly/wire, or combo sets.

• Mounts in place of bucket to loader arms.

Great for all types of cleaning, a loader angle broom increases the versatility and utilization of equipment.

Options of the LH series include hydraulic angle change, storage stands, quick change brush core and a sprinkler system.

For more information, call 800/456-7100 or visit www. sweepster.com.

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