APAC Gives Maryville a Fresh Look During U.S. 411 Overhaul

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has awarded a contract to APAC-Tennessee Inc./Harrison Construction Division for work on U.S. 411 in downtown Maryville in Blount County. Work on the $1.6-million rerouting and beautification project began during March 2000.

The contract includes grading, drainage, and paving on U.S. 411, which runs along state route 33, Broadway Avenue in Maryville. Work on the .9-mi. (1.4 km) stretch will begin at Harper Avenue/Cates Street and extend to Norwood Street. Also, work on Church Street will begin at Broadway Avenue and extend to Sevierville Road, while the work on Harper Avenue begins at Broadway Avenue and extends to the Church Street Connector. Installation of signals will occur at four intersections on U.S. 411 in Maryville as well.

The contract also involves concrete work, new curb and gutters, new sidewalks and landscaping. As part of the beautification of downtown Maryville, brick stamping will be included in the design of the sidewalks. APAC/Harrison will be leaving spaces along the roadway for trees, which the city will plant at a later date.

David Sisson, project administrator for TDOT’s region one in Knoxville, explained that the city of Maryville received a one-time grant from the state for the work performed downtown.

“The city of Maryville has been wanting to get these improvements done,” Sisson clarified. “We’re just supervising the work so that it is done according to state plans and specifications.”

Presently, U.S. 411 splits when it reaches Maryville, making motorists go around the city. Instead of dividing traffic onto one-way streets, traffic will be routed down Broadway Avenue and all streets will become two-way. When the contract is completed by Nov. 1, 2000, U.S. 411 will take motorists through downtown Maryville.

APAC-Tennessee, Inc./Harrison Construction Division is based in Alcoa, TN.

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