Rockland Reaches to New Heights With RL Buckets

RL Rollout buckets are one of the most economical ways to increase dump height and bucket reach, claims the manufacturer.

The series II RL Rollout bucket features a “no pocket” design for easy bucket loading without interference. Dual cylinders for positive load control are mounted outside the bucket on a rugged alloy steel frame.

RL Rollout buckets are available for material that weighs less than 680 kilograms per cubic meter (1,500 lbs. per cu. yd). Depending upon the size of the loader, increases in dump height usually exceed .9 meters (3 ft.) and may surpass 1.2 meters (4 ft.). These buckets include standard bolt-on cutting edges. All Rockland RL buckets are built of weight saving, high strength alloy steels for years of dependable service.

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