ACS Buckets Don’t Flinch at Severe Loader Applications

The ACS Asbury rock bucket is made for the most severe loader applications with material weighing between 1,361 to 1,588 kilograms (3,000 to 3,500 lbs.) per cubic yard especially when working with crushed stone, shot rock or recycled concrete, which may be found in demolition or primary/secondary quarry applications.

Each of these buckets is constructed of high strength, abrasion resistant steel that has been heat treated for additional durability and strength.

To additionally strengthen the ACS Asbury bucket design, high-stress areas such as the side plates are reinforced and two boxed sections are incorporated.

The Asbury rock bucket is available with bolt-on teeth bolt on segments or weld on teeth. OEM wear parts are also available. Bolt on edges are available including a spade style for greater penetration and a modified spade nose for those who prefer a more modified design. Another option is side runners. These diagonally shaped plates on the side of the bucket direct material away from the loader’s wheel, protecting the tires.

An additional variation is an Asbury skeleton rock bucket. Segments of the floor plate are removed to allow smaller material to sift through leaving larger stone. Again, additional edges are available depending on the application.

All buckets are available as pin-on or coupler equipped.

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