Esco Super V’s Slimmer Teeth Reduce Fuel Consumption

Esco Corporation is continuing to improve the company’s performance standards with the Super V tooth system.

The Super V system is the culmination of over a half-century of earthmoving tooth system development. Founded in 1913, Esco has been an industry pioneer in tooth system design, introducing the Conical, Super Conical, Helilok and Vertalok systems. The Super V tooth system is the outcome of listening to customer needs and engineering experience combined with enhanced manufacturing technology.

The Super V is a user-friendly system that is safe and easy to use. There are many advantages to the end user, resulting in lower operating costs. Examples are:

• Easy pin installation and removal allowing quick point change for reduced downtime

• Impact- and abrasion-resistant alloys for added strength and longer life

• Slim profile teeth for improved penetration and loading that reduces fuel consumption and machine maintenance

• A new locking surface with each point change provides optimum point retention

• Improved fit-technology for longer tooth and adapter life

• Smooth nose contour reduces stress concentrations for improved fatigue resistance

• The stronger fatigue resistant nose allows longer point shapes for increased wear metal without sacrificing penetration

The new system features a tough, slim-profile cast steel tooth that twists a quarter turn onto the adapter. The tooth is secured by a one piece, drive through locking pin that is driven in vertically. The Super V pin is designed to both lock the tooth on and keep it snug to the adapter to minimize nose wear.

The Super V tooth system was developed for machines ranging from mini-excavators to large mining shovels. A full range of new generation tooth and adapter styles will be offered to fit all popular machines, and all types of digging conditions.

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