Esco Loadmaster HDP Quarry Lip: A New Solution

Esco has developed a new solution for quarry applications, which increases machine performance through better penetration, safer change-outs, improved reliability, reduced maintenance/lower downtime and longer-wear life.

The new Esco Loadmaster HDP lip was designed with quarries in mind. The new flush cut profile with flat bottom design provides a clean quarry floor, reducing machine tire wear and damage. Increased spade angle provides better penetration, producing faster cycle times to increase production and lower cost. Added tough Esco wear material extends the life of the lip. Super V teeth and Toplok shrouds balance wear with increased penetration.

Components of the Loadmaster HDP quarry lip include:

• A tough T1 plate lip which provides a high quality lip material for balancing abrasion resistance with structural reliability.

• Plate corners provide a cost effective option of the lip wing structure for heavy-duty quarry applications.

• Corner wear caps that provide additional protection in a high wear area. The wear cap is held into place by the tooth, for reliability, yet accessible for quick and easy change-out.

• Super V tooth systems provide increased wear life, better penetration, easy change-out and less breakage, making Super V teeth a low maintenance, low cost solution.

• Weld-on adapters are long wearing, reducing maintenance costs.

• Toplok shrouds cast in tough Esco 12S alloy provide longer wear life. The shroud design fits to the lip without holes, reducing chances of lip cracking or failure. Quick changing Toplok pins are faster to install and remove.

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