Sweepster Lowers the Boom on Dirt, Lifts Debris

Sweepster’s quick attach model LCH sweeper is designed for efficient sweeping with industrial size loaders, backhoes, large skid steers and articulated wheel loaders.

The LCH rotary broom:

• quickly attaches and adjusts;

• angles 30 degrees left and right;

• is available in 1.5 to 3-meter (5 to 10 ft.) widths with a 81-centimeter (32 in.) diameter brush;

• offers poly, wire, poly/wire or combo wafers; and

• mounts in place of bucket to loader arms.

Dual motors spin the brush at 140 rpm, to clear the deepest dirt and debris. Brush drive requires a host hydraulic system of 76 to 189 liters per minute (20 to 50 gpm). The model LCH is a year-round cleanup solution for contractors.

Other options include hydraulic angle change, storage stands, quick change brush core and sprinkler system.

For more information, call 800/456-7100.

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