Komatsu Raises Backhoe’s IQ With ’Intelligent’ HydrauMind System

Komatsu Utility Corp. (KUC) continues to expand its line of products with two new backhoe loaders: the WB140-2 and the WB150-2. These two models feature Komatsu’s Avance excavator technology with HydrauMind system to bring the utility and construction markets greater performance and precision.

The HydrauMind system consists of a single variable-flow hydraulic pump and an “intelligent” hydraulic circuit that allows the machine to react almost instantly to a specific operator control. “HydrauMind makes our two new backhoes perform like the -6 Avance Komatsu excavators,” said Ken Nakamura, president of KUC. “The improved hydraulics of Avance gives the machines greater smoothness and controllability.”

The two new backhoe loaders were tested extensively in North America for more than a year before their introduction. Nakamura explained that this testing helped Komatsu refine operator controls and cab design. The ergonomically designed cab is quiet and comfortable, offering an excellent seating position, and well-placed, low-effort controls. Plus, both the WB 140-2 and WB 150-2 incorporate additional glass area at the top and sides of the cab, so the operator has a clear, unobstructed all-around view.

The WB 140-2 and WB 150-2 offer a unique mix of power and precision. The precision features of the two new models include: Closed Load Sensing System (CLSS), Load Independent Flow Dividers (LIFD), two working modes and speed-up. These features are enhanced by systems, such as a new generation of Komatsu engines, power shuttle transmission, power shift inverters and heavy-duty axles.

The WB 140-2 is 7,530 kilograms (16,600 lbs.), and 64 kilowatts (86 hp), with a maximum digging depth of 4.4 meters (14.5 ft.) (with a standard arm). The WB 150-2 is 7,890 kilograms (17,394 lbs.) and 73 kilowatts (98 hp), with a maximum dig depth of 4.7 meters (15.5 ft.) (with a standard arm). “Together,” concluded Nakamura, “the WB 140-2 and WB 150-2 represent Komatsu Utility and Komatsu America’s ongoing effort to offer the most complete line of utility products in North America today.”

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