Pinpoint Cable Faults With the Verifier Vision

Now contractors can pinpoint ground faults of buried electric, CATV and telecommunication cables, and in addition, trace and identify cable depth, all with one instrument.

The Verifier Vision Fault Finder by McLaughlin, Greenville, SC, combines a fault-finding system with a cable locator designed to be consistently accurate and dependable. The adjustable three-watt transmitter, protected for up to 250 volts of live power, features simplified operation.

A built-in voltage and ohm meter enables the user to quickly identify and measure the suspected fault. The fault is then located by simply rotating a single knob to place the Verifier Vision in the fault-finding mode. High peak-to-peak output enables detection of higher resistance faults over long distances.

The receiver sensitivity distinguishes high and low resistance and multiple faults. Colored directional arrows on the user-friendly LCD and matching arrows on the A-frame point in the direction of the fault. To locate the cable or check depth, the A-frame is simply disconnected from the receiver. The Verifier Vision uses three active frequencies plus passive power, cathodic protection and a new passive radio search.

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