Kubota Turns on Dime With R20 Series

Kubota’s fully-articulated four-wheel drive (4WD), multi-functional wheel loaders (R420 and R520) are used by equipment operators serving construction, recycling, golf-course maintenance and rental industries.

Full articulation means a small turning radius combined with better maneuverability. Kubota’s wheel loaders are ideal for working inside existing structures or confined spaces and offer enhanced performance on turf and other ground surfaces such as dirt or gravel.

Kubota R420 and R520 wheel loaders feature low-emission E-TVCS diesel engines rated at 43 and 49 hp (32 and 36 kW), respectively.

Kubota’s load sensing transmission (LST) enables efficient load handling by automatically changing from high speed/low torque to low speed/high torque when load conditions vary. Clutchless electric shuttle shifting allows quick, smooth shifting between forward and reverse without the need to brake. A travel speed limiter switch governs speed, important when operating in confined areas or over uneven ground.

Both the R420 and R520 feature Kubota’s innovative center shaft-type oscillation and articulation joint, which allows for 8 degrees of frame oscillation and 40-percent left/right articulation. For versatility and expanded applications, front/rear auxiliary hydraulic systems are standard. The front side system features a built-in hydraulic valve and control lever to universally accept hydraulically-operated attachments.

The R420 and R520 feature quick couplers (R520 is hydraulic) that quickly accept various Kubota performance-matched implements used for landscape, nursery, warehouse, recycling applications and snow removal.

Ease of operation is critical to operator performance. Power steering, weight-adjustable suspension seat, suspended foot pedals, easy-view instruments, well-positioned controls, reduced engine vibration and an unobstructed field of view contribute to efficient, less tiring operation. Safety is of utmost importance to Kubota so the R420 and R520 are equipped with OSHA-approved ROPS/FOPS canopy or factory-installed optional cab, retractable seat belt, parking brake, safety starting system, passive attachment safety system, front side operating lights, front and rear turn signal/brake lights and control level locks.

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