Southeast Resins Develops SR-2000 Concrete, Asphalt Polyester Repair System

Southeast Resins Inc., of Alpharetta, GA, has developed SR-2000 concrete/asphalt repair, which is a polyester resin that can be used for the repair and restoration of damaged concrete and asphalt. It provides the flexibility for the use of the same product in both repair environments.

SR-2000 repairs concrete or asphalt on highways, bridges, parking decks, airport runways, sidewalks, driveways and other asphalt and concrete surfaces — and according to Southeast Resins, all of these can accommodate traffic in less than two hours after the repair is made.

SR-2000 is a two-part chemical system utilizing a specially formulated resin, which, when mixed with an activator and dry sand, acts as a filler/repair material by penetrating the concrete or asphalt, bonding to it, then becoming stronger than the concrete or asphalt being repaired. It will not soften with high daytime temperatures, is UV resistant and will not deteriorate from salt applications in winter, according to Southeast Resins.

Although strong, SR-2000 is flexible with a tensile elongation of more than 40 percent. Surfaces that deflect with the movement of traffic, such as bridges and parking decks, also can be repaired with SR-2000.

To repair damaged or broken concrete or asphalt, SR-2000 only requires the following:

• clean and remove the broken pieces of concrete or asphalt,

• prime the repair area with SR-2000, which then bonds to the concrete or asphalt within the repair area, and

• mix SR-2000 with dry sand aggregate and trowel in to the area.

To repair deep potholes and spalls, SR-2000 can be mixed with dry pea gravel and sand. SR-2000 is especially effective in repairing areas where the finish or top course of asphalt has broken away from the base course, and it can be used as a topcoat and sealer with broadcasted sand to provide an anti-skid surface. A crew of two persons with a pick-up truck and few hand tools can accomplish most repairs, according to Southeast Resins.

SR-2000-V is a thickened version of the basic product for use in vertical repairs, such as curbs, bridge columns, abutments and other vertical surfaces. It also can be used to repair many overhead concrete problem areas. P

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