Bandit Nabs Higher Capacity With 1590

Bandit’s newest product to hit the market is the 15 in. (38 cm) diameter capacity model 1590 “Big Drum” hand-fed tree and brush chipper.

This high-production chipper features a 37 in. (94 cm) diameter drum which is 65 percent larger than the competition. The drum’s larger diameter increases the 1590s efficiency by cutting on a downward arc. Material is chipped with ease and less vibration, making a more uniform chip while consuming less fuel.

The 1590s sleek design includes fuel and hydraulic tanks built right into the frame. It is rugged, yet compact and easy to tow.

This unit is available with gas and diesel engines up to 130 hp (97 kW) and as towable (with or without a loader) or self-propelled. Popular options include a hydraulic winch, hydraulic or mechanical swivel discharge spouts and Auto Feed Plus.

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