SnowEx Mellows Ol’ Man Winter With Poly Bulk Spreader

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, has introduced the new Vee Pro 8000, the largest capacity bulk spreader in its product line. Carrying up to 1.5 cu. yds. (1.1 cu m) of material, the Vee Pro 8000 offers more capacity than other SnowEx spreaders, allowing it to accommodate larger applications.

Designed for use in standard pickup boxes, the Vee Pro 8000 is primarily intended to spread salt and salt/sand mixtures. With its large material capacity, the unit is ideal for maintaining roads, bridge decks, large parking lots and intersections.

The Vee Pro 8000 features a hopper entirely constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene. Eliminating the corrosion concerns and constant maintenance commonly associated with steel V-box alternatives, polyethylene also is up to 60 percent lighter than steel and can be easily installed or removed by two people, freeing the vehicle to perform multiple applications.

The independent spinner/auger controller makes the Vee Pro Series a user-friendly bulk spreader. This cab-mounted controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger, maximizing material usage. Spread width is infinitely variable from 5 to 40 ft. (1.5 to 12 m). A digital system status display and audible warning protection also are included.

For increased equipment longevity, Vee Pro spreaders are built with very few moving parts and a low-maintenance, direct-drive system —making the unit virtually maintenance free.

Powered by twin 12-volt DC direct drive motors, Vee Pro spreaders feature an auger feed system that provides continuous flow of ice control materials. The multi-angle hopper with inverted “V” assembly further facilitates efficient material movement.

The Vee Pro 8000 comes standard with a top screen and fitted tarp for effective material retention. Optional accessories include a light kit and mobile storage kit.

All Vee Pro models come standard with the TrynEx 2+5 warranty program providing a two-year guarantee on all parts and labor from the day of purchase. Also available is an optional five-year parts and labor warranty.

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