January/February 2004

First, I hope that you and your families had a happy and healthy holiday season.

A lot of people (myself included) make New Year’s resolutions, hoping we can permanently change things in ourselves for the better. I’m resolving that I’m not going to have a resolution. I don’t know about you, but every resolution I’ve ever made was broken over the course of the year. Whether it was quitting this, doing more of that, exercising, whatever – I’ve never been able to make them last. So, instead of resolutions, I’m going to hope for some things in the new year; some people would call them wishes or prayers. Now if you’ll indulge me for a few more sentences, here are some I hope will happen in 2004:

• that your constituents recognize the hard work that you and your crews do for them,

• that Canada reduces its exporting of cold air to New York State this winter,

• that motorists finally begin slowing down while driving through work zones,

• that, while we help Iraq rebuild its infrastructure, we don’t neglect ours,

• that we find Osama Bin Laden’s cave (with him in it),

• that our troops can return from Iraq and Afghanistan, soon, and

• that as each story is built of the 1,776-ft. Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan, terrorists throughout the world, in some dusty, rarely used cells in their brains, realize that though they may – in this life – have the power to murder, they are utterly powerless to kill the spirit of the American people – especially New Yorkers.

From all of us at Superintendent’s Profile, here’s to a wonderful and safe 2004. And finally, one last prayer for 2004 … that we meet back here in the same time, same place in 2005.

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