Jan/Feb 2008

I guess it’s something that showed up with age, besides the mysterious aches and pains. Since my late 30s (I’m now 43), time began inexorably rushing by. One day it’s the middle of summer; then suddenly it’s winter again. Weeks are segmented into five days of work, two days of weekend. Months consist of roughly four weeks of work and a handful of days used for getting things done around the house. And years are dotted by holidays and milestones, which briefly mark the time of year.

Anniversaries and birthdays are such things and they come more quickly now than ever before. I never quite forget someone’s birthday or my wedding anniversary, but I get perilously close to doing so. We’re apparently a little like that here at Superintendent’s Profile — we almost forgot a milestone.

Looking at this issue’s front cover, you’ll notice emblazoned across New York State that we are celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2008. It’s not that we didn’t care; it’s more that we didn’t realize. As you know we purchased the magazine in 2003 and quite frankly, more than anything else, we’ve taken it one issue at a time, month by month, trying to make it the best possible publication. Then suddenly it was 2008 and 30 years in the books. Oops.

What is the most important thing, though, is not the number or even the milestone itself. Anniversaries don’t mean much if you don’t care about whom you’re with or what you’re doing. We love putting Superintendent’s Profile out and we certainly hope you’ve enjoyed receiving it each month because our readers are the only thing that matters.

To provide a little retro this year, we will occasionally run a profile originally published in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. We hope you enjoy that as well as each new profile this year.

Have a wonderful and long 2008! P

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