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Two Years Old or Twelve ... Choose the Online Auction Company That Won't Spoil Your Return on Investment.

Auctions International is an online auction company with the technology, expertise and support staff to get your online surplus auctions noticed, bid on and sold. The company does an average of more than 3,000 online auctions a year and gets an average of 50,000 bids a month.

Often dubbed a virtual equipment showroom, Auctions International's primary focus is selling surplus municipal vehicles and heavy equipment. New auctions are posted every day and close every night. Sellers pay no fee to list their items and all bids are accepted subject to their approval.

The History/The Vision

Headquartered in western New York, President and Owner Russ Scherrer created the company Scherrer Auctions in the early 1990s. Scherrer and his team traveled New York State promoting the auction method to municipal agencies, often hosting live events from government parking lots. In 2002, Auctions International Inc. was founded. By 2004, Scherrer began taking his live auction clients online.

“Going online, our buying audience became the world,” said Scherrer. “That translated into more competition in the bidding process and much higher returns for our selling customers.”

Today Auctions International conducts online auctions across the northeast. What started as a municipal-only service has grown into serving hundreds of agencies, districts, schools and businesses across the northeast and beyond. The company has sales staff all over the country and an experienced home office team to ensure every transaction from concept to completion is seamless.

Bidder Notification

Most recently, Auctions International added a new component to its process — bidder notification.

“This technology has added a whole new dimension to our operation,” said RJ Klisiewicz, operating manager. “Now, during an auction, potential buyers get online notifications when an auction is closing, if they have been outbid or an auction is awarded. This gives buyers even more opportunity to make those last minute competitive bids, which leads to even higher returns for our sellers.”

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