Nye’s Four-Position Digital Pulverizer Defeats Rubble

National Attachments & Nye Manufacturing unveiled their latest innovation for the demolition and concrete recycling contractor this year — the Nye digital concrete pulverizer.

The pulverizer features a four-position single-digit ripper integrated into Nye's mechanical concrete pulverizer. All digital pulverizers have four-over-five jaws with replaceable jaw inserts standard as well as a three-position deadman to select optimum jaw openings to handle a wide variety of product sizes.

The ripper allows the operator to easily sort, index and manipulate product associated with the job site, no matter its size or shape. The operator also has the ability to pry or rip up slabs such as flooring or bridge decks. Since the entire pulverizer is engineered with the ripper and its function in mind, durability in extreme service conditions is assured. The ripper is easily indexed into any one of the four different positions by simply using gravity.

A parked position allows the pulverizer to be used normally as it would without a ripper. In the forward position, the ripper can be used for prying apart, lifting and flipping heavy concrete slabs such as runways, aprons and thick floors.

With the ripper pointing straight down, the operator can pry apart slabs by forcing the point down into cracks and expansion joints. With all the machine's force concentrated at the tip, materials can be fractured or pierced. This position provides good visibility and is excellent for sorting and positioning materials to be processed.

The back position is the most aggressive for the ripper. With the ripper pointing back toward the cab, the operator can rip and disrupt even the toughest materials. After ripping, the material can be processed immediately with the same machine. Additionally, all Millennium series digital pulverizers are fitted with a heavy- duty single-bevel cutting edge on the bottom of the stationary jaw to further facilitate product management.

For more information, contact National Attachments at 800/839-9981.

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